How we make Ruterm steel radiators

We have equipped the workshop with advanced equipment; we value and protect our staff. All plant employees undergo systematic training and upgrade their skills.

The company’s engineers have studied hundreds of heating appliances, compared the characteristics and technical parameters of dozens of brands. As a result, specialists have developed Ruterm radiators – a high-tech Ukrainian product with the following features:

- energy efficiency

- ergonomics

- environmental friendliness

We place a premium on the interests of the end-user, who receives a high-quality heating product for rooms for various purposes and of various area. Therefore, we built a cycle on the principle of Swiss watch production:

- quality control of incoming raw materials

- adjustment of production lines with micron accuracy of each operation

- production of radiators according to the process regulations

- control of parameters at each stage

- packaging and preparation for shipment to any distance

Human participation in the production process is minimized. At the same time, the operators and adjusters are our watchmakers, who pedantically control each line unit in the workshop.

One radiator goes through eight stages of production

НAt first glance, it seems that a steel radiator is a simple product, stamped and welded from metal. In fact, the technology includes eight stages of production:

- metal slitting

- stamping

- welding

- testing

- surface treatment

- priming

- painting

- packaging

Production begins with quality control of incoming raw materials. Next, quality control is performed at each stage of the process cycle.

Every day we handle 40 tons of metal. Some of the heating devices are immediately sent to customers, some remains in stock. That is why we provide deliveries within three days – heating devices of all types are always available.

Also, at the request of partners, we expand the range – add new types and sizes of radiators.

Ruterm company has proved its worth as a supplier that clearly fulfills contractual obligations and ensures timely shipment. This is the result of a conscious attitude to quality standards.

Our partners, whom we produce radiators for, trust us. This contributes to the saturation of the market with high-quality heating devices. We see the partnership as the fulfillment of our mission – warm houses with economical and efficient radiators.